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This entry was posted on 3/30/2007 10:04 AM and is filed under Huckabee illegal Consulate.


U.S CONSTITUTION, ARTICLE 1, SECTION 10 – No state shall enter into an agreement with a foreign Power . . . without the consent of Congress.

Mike Huckabee has also violated Arkansas State Law: Codes ANN 6-65-101, 22-2-114C(i), 22-5-401(b), 22-2-108.

Your tax dollars are funding a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock which will facilitate illegal alien jobs in violation of federal law. The consulate will also provide illegal aliens with legal assistance, passports, non-mandated benefits that American citizens cannot get, as well as other services.

Governor Huckabee has been asked to declare exactly what functions the Mexican Consulate will provide in addition to those listed. He has refused to answer.


  • A Huckabee bureaucrat, Robert Trevino signed an agreement with Mexico to lease state property to Mexico for one dollar. The agreement also provides for the use of one Arkansas state employee.
    Note: Robert Trevino, former President of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), funded by taxpayer dollars who are lobbying to obtain amnesty for 20 million or more illegal Mexican aliens, etc. LULAC is actively involved in the anti-American Mexican reconquista (take over) of the southwestern US by colonization and occupation.

  • A PRIVATE consortium of Arkansas corporations has signed a three year contract to fund all expenses incurred by the Mexican Consulate upon the expiration of the state’s lease. Why?
    Note: The names of the consortium were blacked out by Trevino. Why and who are they? Guess!

  • The purpose of the Little Rock Mexican Consulate is to encourage Mexican illegal aliens to come to Arkansas which is ALSO a violation of the Federal Immigration Laws called ”Aiding and Abetting” illegal entry.

  • Mexican Consulate’s street address is a deserted building at 3500 So University in Little Rock.

  • A phone call to the Mexican Consulate connects to Robert Trevino’s office, the State Commissioner for Arkansas Rehabilitative Services.

  • Mexican Mobile Consulates allow illegal aliens to use easily forged birth certificates to obtain Mexico ID’s which are then accepted by government personnel, banks, law enforcement, employers and for voting.

  • The Mexican Government issues these documents regardless of their legal status.

  • By design, the Arkansas General Assembly is NOT aware of the above violations by Huckabee.

  • Huckabee and Trevino traveled to Mexico City in October, 2003 to finalize the deal with Mexican President Vicente Fox.

  • Arkansas State Attorney General Mike Beebe has been aware of all of the above since the filing of our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on August 17, 2006. He delayed a response, defying the law which mandates a response. Beebe has deliberately denied the citizens of AR the right to know by claiming the various agencies of state government are his clients and entitled to attorney/client confidentiality.

    When the Arkansas government commits a crime, who represents the citizens if not the Attorney General?

  • Conclusion:

    Federal, state, county, and city laws are being blatantly ignored. For whom?

    What recourse do law-abiding citizens have when law enforcement agencies refuse to enforce our laws, including the United Sates Constitution? Why do they protect illegal aliens instead of American Citizens?



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